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A Leader in Executive Search and Recruiting

We are a firm specializing in Retained Executive Search, Professional Recruiting, Professional Coaching, and Consulting Services. Human Capital Solutions (HCS) assists companies in improving bottom-line profitability by efficiently planning, organizing, and implementing optimized, practical and value-added solutions. HCS is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, integrity, and competence; HCS will reflect and demonstrate these attributes throughout every phase of the search process. When your firm engages HCS for Retained Executive Search, our senior consultants will handle every aspect and detail of the search assignment – start to finish.

Our Vision

Human Capital Solutions strives to be the preferred leader in retained executive search, professional recruiting, executive and professional coaching, and consulting services.

Our Mission

Partner with organizations to engage and deploy human capital to achieve desired business outcomes

Our Purpose

Unify, humanize and optimize the employee engagement process creating a fun, rewarding, and meaningful work environment.

Our Values

What we stand for


We work hard to keep our commitments and through behavior that is honest, decent, and fair, we have earned the respect of clients and candidates around the world.

Customer Focus

We always put our client’s interests first to ensure that they receive real value for their investment.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for perfection in everything we do and always look for ways to improve our work.

Forward Thinking

We look forward to where things are headed and proactively plan for the future.


We care about the long-term well-being of our clients, co-workers, and our community.


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