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Organizations seek our support in providing highly vetted and top-performing executive and professional talent. How? By designing a proprietary business platform of tools that yield proven results. Our work is guaranteed.

Executive Search & Professional Recruiting

Known for our success rate and boutique business model, we take pride in providing the ‘best fitted’ talent for our clients.

Professional Coaching

To increase performance, we offer leadership development at its finest. Our coaches provide an individually tailored plan to meet short and long-term needs.

Consulting & Advisory Services

We go well beyond ‘transactions’ to provide experienced guidance, innovative solutions, and organizational alignment.


We provide dedicated and focused support across the following:

Clean Tech/High Tech
Cloud/Big Data
The Internet of Things
IT Systems

Health Insurers/Managed Care
Home Healthcare Providers
Hospitals/Health Systems

Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Clinical Research Organization
Contract Services Organization
Global Central Labs

Petro and Specialty Chemicals
Polymers – Plastics and Elastomers
Electronic Manufacturing Industry & Services
Food and Beverage
Industrial Products
Consumer Products
Aviation/Aerospace and Defense
Building and Construction Materials
Diversified Manufacturing
Infrastructure/Construction Services


Proprietary Business Platform

Like many of our clients within the industrials, technology, healthcare, and life sciences business sectors, we believe in strategic roots and providing intentional human capital solutions. We designed a systematic approach to help our companies find the best candidates to meet their needs. Our business platform provides proprietary tools that successfully align companies with top professional talent.

Recent Placements Successfully Filled


Here’s what our clients have to say

"I want to thank Bo and the Human Capital Solutions team for all of their help and support with my search. The HCS team members are the most professional and involved recruiters I have worked with. It has been a pleasure getting to know them, and I believe we have a long-lasting relationship and good friendship starting."
Director, Product Solutions Company
“Human Capital Solutions is a strong and effective strategic HR consulting and recruiting firm with multi-industry knowledge and experience. They're quite appropriately named, because they deliver solutions! My recruiting firm often partners with HCS on consulting engagements, and I'm very pleased to count Bo and the HCS team among my most trusted and valuable business connections."
Recruiting Manager, Commercial & Industrial Banking
"The HCS team drove an impressive process to define the requirements for the positions I needed filled, identify highly qualified candidates and ultimately close the deal. The HCS team delivers high quality results at a fair value, with a real personal touch. I highly recommend the HCS team to fulfill your next recruiting needs."
CEO, Engineering Services
"The HCS team truly does their "due diligence" in gaining an adequate understanding of the position requirements, company culture, and any other nuances associated with the role. They never wasted my time, and only submitted those that were a good fit and truly qualified for the job. I can say without hesitation I fully intend to continue working with HCS."
HR Leader, Fluid Motion and Control Products and Services
"The HCS team is a client first, first class organization that will help you achieve your strategic and financial objectives while securing the best qualified candidates to support your business agenda. Human Capital Solutions will certainly benefit you and your company as you partner to hire the right people for the right job at the right time."
Director of Sales, Leading Beverage Company

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