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Founded in 2003 in Wilmington, NC, and with offices in Atlanta, Raleigh, and Boston, Human Capital Solutions (HCS) is a business consulting firm specializing in retained executive search, executive recruiting, professional coaching, and consulting services. With a team comprised of subject matter experts and robust networks in technology, healthcare, life science, and industrial businesses in Atlanta, throughout the Southeast, and beyond, HCS is equipped to become your seamless business partner. We locate, develop, and match the highest quality talent to your immediate business needs in real-time. HCS has delivered our signature high-touch boutique service to organizations throughout the greater Atlanta area for over 18 years and counting.


We provide dedicated and focused support across the following:

Clean Tech/High Tech
Cloud/Big Data
The Internet of Things
IT Systems

Health Insurers/Managed Care
Home Healthcare Providers
Hospitals/Health Systems

Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Clinical Research Organization
Contract Services Organization
Global Central Labs

Petro and Specialty Chemicals
Polymers – Plastics and Elastomers
Electronic Manufacturing Industry & Services
Food and Beverage
Industrial Products
Consumer Products
Aviation/Aerospace and Defense
Building and Construction Materials
Diversified Manufacturing
Infrastructure/Construction Services

We Can Help

A Data-driven Process That Works

Human Capital Solutions leverages a proven data-driven, scientific recruiting approach. Combining that with our relationships results in the best matches for your Atlanta executive opportunities. We draw from top local talent and hand-select candidates from our nationwide network. As a result of our process, your new hires will perform better and stay longer. And our team members aren’t just recruiters; they are also called upon to consult with organizations across the country to optimize hiring practices and refine goals and KPIs, yielding dynamic in-house recruiting solutions. We are confident that our customized process works that we guarantee the results.

What Now

The Atlanta Workplace is Changing

The pandemic drove drastic and lasting change nationwide in making remote hires and workforces a new normal, and as a major metropolitan area, Atlanta was no exception. In 2020, Atlanta saw many small businesses and larger corporate offices permanently close, with some turning permanently virtual. In 2021 we are already seeing a lot of growth, with the city above the national average in jobs reported, though some of these jobs look different than before the pandemic.

Tech is growing everywhere, and this is evident in Atlanta’s workforce. Georgia is home to 18,000 tech companies, with a majority in the Atlanta area. These companies’ employees represent 8% of Georgia’s entire workforce. The state is bolstering its qualifications by launching public school programs in FinTech and Healthcare IT to keep up with the increasing demand and keep these jobs in Georgia. Atlanta businesses are also working hard to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workforce.

In addition to serving on a project basis to fill leadership vacancies, Human Capital Solutions can assist your workforce in adapting to these changes, integrating pandemic-era employees with the rest of your staff, and reshaping hiring and employee policies and processes. We have the team with the experience and the know-how to help your business transcend cultural and workplace environment shifts, attract the best executive talent, and grow your business. The candidates we deliver to you stay longer, ultimately serving your recruitment goals. Our Atlanta hiring team is ready to help.

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