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We offer executive coaching to help you build teams with the 

skills to take your business to the next level.

Did You Know?

Only 38% of external executive hires and 28% of internal executive hires feel they were fully prepared for their new role.

Our Approach

What we do

We Build High-Performing Teams

As a leader, new executives not only need to perform, but also to exhibit the organization’s values and culture in their words, behavior, decisions, and actions. Human Capital Solutions (HCS) can help you optimize your onboarding process and get your new hires contributing. We will become a dedicated advocate and coach while assisting you in formulating, packaging, and executing strategic and tactical approaches within existing and new roles.

We’ve Got You Covered

We provide services for businesses and their employees, as well as individuals. Our talent advancement programs are focused on performance improvement, career transitions (outplacement), and onboarding for companies’ new employees.
Whether coaching is needed within a current position or transitioning to a new or future role – our plans are tailored to meet specific needs. Our coaches are committed to helping people feel supported, navigate change, and overcome challenges. The HCS process assesses core obstacles while providing expert tools and transparent conversations to reach viable solutions. Our talent advancement services also help provide a competitive boost while providing professional growth.
Retaining a transitional coach partner is paramount to a company’s brand and morale. We offer companies systematic plans for existing employees, onboarding new employees, and outplacement for former employees. Companies often praise the improved company reputation with our offerings. More importantly, they gain immense value by supporting employees (past or present) as a critical part of building and maintaining company culture. Our coaching experts are well equipped to handle small or large challenges. Reach out to our expert consultants to learn more about our professional coaching plans.
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How We Do It

A Proven Process that Works

Our 5 phase process is customized to fit your business
Clarify mission, vision, objectives, success factors, business goals and desired outcomes for the position, the organization, and the individual.
Perform assessments, collect relevant data, identify stakeholders, and develop coaching discussion timeline and expectations to align with organizational strategy.
Execute coaching discussions to plan, focusing on awareness, acceptance, skill development, behavioral shifts, and mastery.
Assess improvement and growth against desired outcomes.
Continously Improve
Identify additional focus areas or areas requiring deeper attention.

Working with Your Coach

The first step of the process is to pair your leader with a dedicated executive onboarding coach. Our primary role is to be the individual’s advocate and coach, not their manager. Leaders are then coached and supported on how effectively they will integrate operational leadership and learnings within their new organization.

More than Executive Coaching

HCS is a full-service consulting firm that works closely with our clients to improve company cultures and drive improved financial performance. We specialize in retained executive search, professional recruiting, professional coaching, and consulting services.

Help your people succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer executive and professional coaching services to enhance talent development and organizational impact. Our primary goal is to be a dedicated advocate and coach while assisting you in formulating, packaging, and executing strategic and tactical approaches within existing and new roles.

·         Onboarding – new associate alignment, focused on organization’s values and goals, communications, and key performance measures 

·         Leadership – development of leadership competencies as individual moves into increasingly influential positions and new responsibilities 

·         Performance Optimization – enhancement of specific skills and competencies, boosting effectiveness and productivity                                

·         Career Transition – for transitioning talent or outplacement, employee advocate for the individual seeking their new opportunity

Training is about transferring a skill or knowledge to another person. A trainer brings an individual to the desired level of competency. 

Whereas, coaching is taking present knowledge and enhancing it to accomplish the achievement of goals. Coaching also keeps the individual focused on addressing challenges and completion of tasks.


With the abundant responsibilities leaders and managers experience, it is often difficult to find time to develop relationships, objectively analyze problems and challenges, and consider personal growth and improvement. It’s a wise investment to retain a skilled and experienced coach to guide you or your team members to fulfill the vision and mission your company desires to reach next-level goals.

Coaching involves identifying the support, help and guidance you need to reach your ultimate career goals. Coaching success is measured by mitigating the gaps you need to achieve those goals by removing roadblocks getting in the way, allowing you to focus efforts on achieving your target, and establishing a realistic roadmap. HCS will uncover behavioral changes, skill sets, and competencies needed in the discover and planning phases.

Frequency and duration are customized based on the client’s needs. Generally, we will meet with the coached individual twice per month for 6-9 months and meet monthly with the coached individual’s manager.

To clarify measures of success, we provide the individual’s manager feedback based on any noticeable changes. Based on the manager’s response, HCS will continue the coaching relationship with the individual until a positive engagement is complete.