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A Full-service Chicago Executive Search Firm

We are a full-service boutique executive search firm in Chicago for over 20 years. Founded in 2003, Human Capital Solutions (HCS) is a rapidly expanding business consulting firm focused on retained executive search, executive recruiting, professional coaching, and consulting services. HCS is comprised of industry experts with solid relationships in the technology, healthcare, life sciences, private equity, hospitality, and industrials sectors. We serve Chicago, critical cities throughout the Midwest, and across the entire country. HCS is equipped to become your seamless business partner, both in setting you up with the best-matched talent and in cultivating the way you qualify your leaders and roles to best serve your corporate culture – all on-demand and in real-time to meet your evolving and immediate business needs.


We provide dedicated and focused support across the following:

Clean Tech/High Tech
Cloud/Big Data
The Internet of Things
IT Systems

Health Insurers/Managed Care
Home Healthcare Providers
Hospitals/Health Systems

Food & Beverage
Entertainment &  Media
Sports & Recreation
Retail & Apparel
Casino & Gaming

Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Clinical Research Organization
Contract Services Organization
Global Central Labs

Petro & Specialty Chemicals
Polymers – Plastics & Elastomers
Electronic Manufacturing Industry & Services
Food & Beverage
Industrial Products
Consumer Products
Aviation/Aerospace & Defense
Building & Construction Materials
Diversified Manufacturing
Infrastructure/Construction Services

HCS is a complete advisory search firm that works closely with private equity firms across the country locating and placing high-performing, proven leaders that drive financial and operational excellence.

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A Unique Approach That Works

Human Capital Solutions leverages a proven data-driven, scientific recruiting approach that we’ve perfected in the near-two decades that we’ve been doing business. We leverage these insights to help you make the right hires, develop the right people, and consult with you on how to improve the performance of your entire team.

We start by learning your culture, values, and the true impact that your employees have on your organization. Now, armed with your company voice, we can help you hire and develop high-performing players that intimately match your company culture and ultimately grow your business. Even better – our search firm guarantees results.

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What Now

Today’s Work Environment in Chicago

The pandemic drove drastic and lasting change nationwide, making remote hires and workforces a new normal, and Chicago was no exception. Post-pandemic, tech and healthcare are two of the hottest industries in the region, both for employers and job seekers. In fact, Chicago is the third-highest-ranking city for tech jobs in 2021, ahead of San Francisco. The challenge reported by employers across Chicago as they seek workplace diversity and pivot to more hybrid and work-from-home options is identifying and attracting top candidates to fill roles. To address this competition, companies and firms that provide executive search in Chicago are going above and beyond in terms of signing bonuses, flexible work schedules, and—like many employers across the country—expanding their search beyond city limits.

In 2020, like most American cities, Chicago saw a number of small businesses and some larger corporate offices permanently close or turn fully virtual. The greater Chicago area’s 9.1% gain in employment in the first half of 2021 exceeded the national rate of 7.9%, illustrating a quicker rebound and stronger job economy.

Our executive search services in Chicago can work directly with you to stay ahead of the competition in filling key roles as they become open. HCS has experienced team experts that specialize in your industry to attract the best executive talent and grow your business. Our team of consultants also has the know-how to help your business transcend cultural and workplace environment shifts in Chicago or any city across the country.

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Clients depend on us for industry expertise in executive search and help navigate today’s complex and often industry-specific business challenges. Our strength is in our team of associates as they provide expertise in life sciences, healthcare, the industrials, and technology. Our recruiting experts can help you align your business strategy with your talent to drive superior performance. Click here to learn more
We offer executive and professional coaching services to enhance talent development and organizational impact. Our primary goal is to be a dedicated advocate and coach while assisting you in formulating, packaging, and executing strategic and tactical approaches within existing and new roles. Click here to learn more
With subject matter experts in technology, healthcare, life sciences, and industrials, the HCS team has the experience and know-how to help take your organization to the next level. Click here to learn more

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