Tony Durso is a Managing Director at Human Capital Solutions

Tony earned his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and his Masters in Business Administration in Marketing from Rutgers Graduate School of Management. During his thirty-year career with ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Tony performed a variety of key functions and roles from engineering to sales and marketing. His first assignment with ExxonMobil involved planning major energy conservation projects at several of the company’s flagship petrochemical sites. This work led to foreign assignments in Sarnia, Canada as well as Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium.

Later Tony was named Section Manager of Design and Engineering at Exxon’s refinery and chemical plant in Bayway, New Jersey.

Following the assignment at the Bayway Chemical Plant, Tony was named Market Planner for the company’s mission critical Butyl Polymers business unit. He worked in various sales and marketing positions in Butyl Polymers, eventually earning the position of Global Account Executive with responsibility for one of the company’s major customers.

Tony brings his strong technical experience and business background to HCS with extensive expertise in engineering, market development / research and financial analysis. He leads and supports HCS’s Energy / Power Generation and Multinational Lean Manufacturing initiatives.

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