Executive Search & Professional Recruiting

What we do

Executive Search and Professional Recruiting

HCS has the people, methodology, technology, and systems to find and deliver top talent and strengthen human capital with our executive search & professional recruiting services. 

We understand the impact of leadership and professional talent on a company’s fiscal and cultural health, and we don’t take that lightly. We are a high-integrity team with exceptional tools and operational processes that drive our business daily. This expertise mixed with our boutique model enables us to go beyond transactions with our clients. They are our partners with whom we advise and collaborate.

We help clients mitigate risks by providing expertise and dedicated support to fill desired leadership and professional positions and desired business outcomes. What we do is proven; therefore, we guarantee our results. When you engage HCS, our work continues until the position is filled and until you need us again.

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How we do it

Our Proprietary Tools

Client Discovery

Our client discovery process includes uncovering the position’s strategic and financial impact (contribution) to the organization. Our team facilitates a process to collect the “real” organizational culture, core values, and achieve hiring team consensus.

Candidate Discovery

The candidate discovery methodology includes our team determining the candidate’s mutual interest, qualifications, career stage, values, competency, and organizational alignment through the use of our assessments and evaluations.

Assessment Tools

Finally, through the use of our discovery process, questionaries and facilitation process with the client and the candidates, we guarantee a successful match that will be valued for the long term. Below are a few of our assessment for our library.

How we do it

We provide dedicated and focused support across the following:

Clean Tech/High Tech
Cloud/Big Data
The Internet of Things
IT Systems

Health Insurers/Managed Care
Home Healthcare Providers
Hospitals/Health Systems

Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Clinical Research Organization
Contract Services Organization
Global Central Labs

Petro and Specialty Chemicals
Polymers – Plastics and Elastomers
Electronic Manufacturing Industry & Services
Food and Beverage
Industrial Products
Consumer Products
Aviation/Aerospace and Defense
Building and Construction Materials
Diversified Manufacturing
Infrastructure/Construction Services

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