Proprietary Business Platform

Proprietary Business Platform

Our Proprietary Business Platform includes:

  • Client Discovery / Desired Outcomes / Due Diligence
    • The Position’s Strategic and Financial Impact to the Organization
      • Key Performance Measures and Outcomes
    • Organizational Cultural and Values Collection
    • Role Dimension and Competency Intake
    • Selection Committee / Hiring Team Input and Consensus
  • Candidate Discovery, Vetting and Fit Assessment
    • Mutual Interest and Prequalification Assessment
    • Career Stage, Progression and Positional Opportunity Assessment
    • Candidate Assessment to Position Criteria – Candidate Summary Value Proposition Matrix (CSVP matrix) ©
    • Candidate Beliefs and Values Assessment with Organization Alignment
    • Role Dimension and Competency Evaluation
  • Preferred Client Partnership
    • EASI® Tooling and Evaluations
    • Intentional Marketplace Intelligence
    • Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire (JPAQ)
    • RightPath – Assessments for Hiring
    • StrengthsFinder

Our Roles and Functions:

C – Suite
General Management
Leadership and Strategy
Legal and Regulatory
Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media
Business Development
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Research and Development
Information and Technology
Materials, Procurement and Supply Chain
Logistics and Transportation

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