Polymers - Plastics and Elastomers

Polymers – Plastics and Elastomers

The Polymer—Plastics and Elastomers sector is part of Human Capital Solutions’ (HCS) Diversified Industrials practice. The Polymer industry has been forced to meet the growing demand of polymers and its increased use in automotive, packaging and construction marketplaces. Now more than ever polymer is becoming the preferred material choice, often replacing traditional uses of metal, glass and paper. Polymers offer a unique advantage to its users because it is lighter, stronger, more flexible and cheaper than other materials. The surge in demand across the polymer industry heightens the importance of having a strategic executive team that can navigate through an evolving marketplace and surpass the competition.


HCS stays up to date on Polymer process practices like blow molding and extrusion to maintain a sharpened perspective on industry trends and factors influencing it. HCS acknowledges the challenges companies face to recruit top polymer executives that possess insightful industry knowledge and the desired technical and interpersonal skills that fit with their respective cultures. Our Executive Research Team leverages our industry expertise and global network to identify, assess and recruit highly qualified leaders for long-term placements and immediate added value to our client organizations.

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