The Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) sector is part of Human Capital Solutions’ (HCS) greater Life Sciences practice. The intensified competition among pharmaceutical companies have created a favorable outlook for CMOs. Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as pharmaceutical companies are pressured to cut costs while improving quality and speeding up the time to market. CMOs allow pharmaceutical companies a way to keep a competitive edge in the marketplace and an opportunity to redirect their resources towards enhancing core competencies and strengthening marketing initiatives.


CMOs rely on their executive teams to capitalize on opportunities and lead them through industry changes. These executives must have a unique combination of scientific knowledge, business acumen and intercultural awareness to drive innovation and continuous improvement. Partnering with HCS guarantees added value through identifying, assessing and recruiting top executives who meet the dynamic talent demands and can lead their organization to achieve the strategic and financial goals they strive for. Our industry knowledge paired with our executive search expertise strategically positions us to find the right talent for Contract Manufacturing Organizations across the globe.

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