The Key to Human development is building on who you already are – Tom Rath

What Is It?


The Clifton Strengths assessment was the result of a 40-year study on human talent and development spear-headed by psychologist Donald Clifton. The Strengths test measures your top 5 talents out of a list of 34. As a facet of the Gallup Workplace service, Strengths is used as a tool for empowering individuals and organizations, resulting in people with knowledge of how to perform better in their job. The chances of someone having the same top 5 Strengths in the same order as someone else is 1 in 33.3 million! To know your Strengths is to be the absolute best version of yourself. What are your Strengths?


Why Should Your Company Use StrengthsFinder?


More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies incorporate the Clifton Strengths into their business in some fashion. Currently, over 20 million people have taken the Strengths assessment worldwide. It has been proven that groups who have received strengths-based development have 14-29% increased profit, 10-19% increased sales, and 3-7% higher customer engagement. When it comes to developing your organization and the people it is comprised of, there is no option B. Your people are your most valuable asset and investment.


What Does Strengths Coaching Look Like?


It is our responsibility as your Strengths representative to take the time to understand each manager, leader, employee, and team as a whole. The golden star for any Strengths coach is the opportunity to coach leaders on how to become coaches themselves. This way, as the leader, you will act as a Strengths ambassador for your team all day, every day. Below is a broad course outline highlighting the main conversation points.

Team Coaching

  • Start With Talent; Finish With Strength
    • Introduction of Strengths
    • Maximizing Potential
  • Strengths-Based Partnerships
    • The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships
    • Love, Crazy, Envy
  • The DNA of the Team
    • A Look at the Team Strengths Grid
    • Four Domains of Strengths
  • The Best of Us
    • The Best of Us Activity


Leadership Coaching

  • Individual Self Awareness
    • The Individual Strengths of the Manager
  • Developing Stronger Partnerships
    • The Individual Strengths of the Team
  • Building a Strengths-Based Team
    • The Collective Strengths of the Team
  • Improving Performance


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There is nothing more valuable to your company than top performing Human Capital.