Project Unify

Project Unify


a. Once organization has approved pricing and signed the Project Unify SLA, HCS will begin implementation of Project Unify

i. Discovery Phase:

1. One-on-one phone call or in-person meeting with each key member of the organization’s leadership team

2. Initial look at organization’s systems, processes, and other measurement tools of Key Performance Measures (KPMs)

3. Initial look at the organizational chart

4. Phone call or in-person meeting with CEO / President to discuss organization’s successes, challenges, goals, and vision

ii. Delivery Phase:

1. Initial on-site meeting with key leadership team to introduce Project Unify and instill goals, expectations, and vision

2. Schedule monthly or bi-monthly on-site meetings with key leadership team for a minimum of 4 months

3. Creation and delivery of Employee Communication Plan

4. Delivery of SWOT analysis to leadership team

5. Implementation of individual executive coaching with each leadership team member on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

6. Continual assessment of organizational and departmental KPMs and deliverables of the SWOT analysis

iii. Deployment Phase:

1. HCS and organization will discuss at what time Project Unify will conclude

2. Additional one-off conversations to check in and update HCS Project Unify team are encouraged


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