Career Transition Coaching for the Individual

HCS Role and Deliverables

Human Capital Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter “HCS” or “Our”) will pair each transitioning individual (TI) with a career advancement coach. Coaches will work with each individual to assist the TI on how to become more attractive in the marketplace.


Our approach consists of four phases:

  1. Healing & Attitude – Processing this emotional life change.
  2. Optimization – Updating your brand and marketing materials as well as identifying criteria of those employers best matching value and skills.
  3. Research & Targeting – Identifying and learning about specific employers meeting your criteria, creatively reaching out to those employers and preparing for the live chat or interview.
  4. Launch – Continue investing in networking and research with prospective employers, tracking those relationships and adjusting marketing materials and approach as you learn what is most effective.


All four phases are addressed in sequence. The process details are customized and based on the individual’s needs.  The duration of our work together is a function of the individual’s investment of time and energy. Typically, coaches talk with their clients once/week for a minimum of 4-8 weeks. We do not promise the individual will land their dream job by then, but we guarantee their search campaign will be more optimized and effective with the assistance of our resources and coaching techniques.

Healing & Attitude

SARA – Change may bring on some level of grief and anxiety, one must be prepared to ride the emotional roller coaster.

  • Shock – “I cannot believe I am in this situation”
  • Anger – I am disappointed and perhaps upset at the situation I am in. I can’t believe this is happening or has happened to me.
  • Retribution / Retaliation – I am having difficulty in being positive and saying favorable things about my situation
  • Acceptance – I must be at full and complete acceptance and excited to be where I am in my career before I network and interview.



DIG – Solve for Discipline, Industry and Geography when constructing your strategic career advancement move:

  • Articulate your DIG priorities.
  • Market Research on Your Next Employer – Researching the market, target industries and companies and helping you in constructing a targeted prospective employer list.
  • Develop an opportunity search/networking plan to leverage mainly the unadvertised job market.
  • Develop a project plan/ prospecting spreadsheet template helping you target your short list of desired employers. This tool will provide focus, improved organization and follow up and working on a proactive versus reactive basis.


SOAR – Determine your brand or offering by examining key Situations, Organizations, Actions and Results:

  • Self-Assessment – Finding your strengths, skills sets, transferable skills and passions!
  • SOAR Statements – Key Situations or issues you’ve faced with specific Organizations. What Actions did you implement and what were the Results you achieved that were financially favorable and measurable?
  • Load and map your results from your SOAR statements to construct your best in class resume, letter of interest and optimize your social media profiles
  • Selecting References – How to ensure the reference will articulate your value proposition effectively and handle your “weaknesses” or areas of development appropriately.
  • Construction of infomercials to use to introduce yourself and for interviewing (the answer to “tell me about yourself”.)


Research & Targeting

SAVE – Succinctly Articulating your Value Proposition with Enthusiasm:

  • Structure your process for networking and making connections instead of “winging it”
  • Work each day to pay it forward and invest in others. Nurture existing relationships and build new and strategic relationships, thoughtfully and patiently.
  • Interviewing Preparation and Tips – evaluation of the potential employer and assessing the organization’s culture, role play if necessary
  • Salary Negotiations – The Offer and closing the deal
  • Successful Onboarding – The first 90 days


IHVT – Identify High Value Targets and reach out to each one in a high touch, personal fashion

  • Research companies you admire within the industry and geography you desire
  • Develop a list of the CEO’s and hiring authority of each company and their contact information
  • Customize the approach for submitting your resume and letter interest to each target
  • Utilize LinkedIn to reach out to the C-level people you are targeting



  • Track your leads and progress as feedback on your search effort
  • Continue to optimize your tooling and messaging for compelling and successful interactions


Throughout this process, HCS and career transition coaches will support the Transitioning Individual emotionally as it can be painful, scary and stressful. HCS guarantees the exiting employee will find fulfilling work faster than if they went at it alone. All clients are equipped with a strategic plan and committed coach to give them a competitive edge in the market.


There is nothing more valuable to your company than top performing Human Capital.