Career Transition Coaching for the Employer

What is Career Transition Coaching and why does it matter?

Career Transition (aka Outplacement) coaching is a service that assists outgoing employees (aka transitioning individuals or TIs) during their career transition by providing a support system, a dedicated advocate and coach who help the individual navigate the competitive job market and land a rewarding position. Career transition coaching is a valued benefit purpose-driven companies provide to enhance their image in the marketplace. It is a win-win proposition improving both the company brand and the morale of retained employees. Investing in employees who are being separated ensures the TI will find work reducing the stress of doing it alone.


Today’s leading companies recognize human capital are their most valuable asset and have a huge impact on the employer brand.  These companies are sensitive to employee needs at key stages within the employment life cycle. Services provided by the vendor / firm include obtaining and maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude, creating a strategic marketing plan, resume writing, interview practice, and targeting companies.

Coaching services are a win-win proposition for the client company and the Transitioning Individual. These benefits include:


Transitioning Individuals Retained Individuals Your Company
Individuals find work quicker with less stress Maintains employee productivity Improves company’s brand, image and reputation
Individuals gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace Retained individuals feel less survivor guilt and frustration Positive media posts/coverage
Individuals, transitioning and retained, feel supported by the company Boosts company culture and morale Improves ratings on public-driven social media such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn
Ensures minimal litigation


There is nothing more valuable to your company than top performing Human Capital.