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April 2024 Jobs Report & Industry Update

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 303,000 in March, and the unemployment rate changed little at 3.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care, government, and construction.

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Mike Womble

Executive Search Industry Insight: Advantages of Working with a Boutique Search Firm

While large firms certainly have their advantages, more resources, higher volume of job orders, and brand name recognition, bigger is not necessarily better depending on your company’s needs and values. The big takeaway: as more businesses turn to search firms, it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all. However, a boutique firm would best fit your needs if your business is looking for a focused, personalized experience with a search firm that is fully invested in your talent discovery journey.

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Mike Womble

The Rust Belt and High Tech Continue to Collide and Converge as Shepherds of Innovation

Human Capital Solutions CEO and Founder Bo Burch recently visited Pittsburgh and met with a number of executives across several large organizations. One of Burch’s key takeaways from these meetings was that executives have accelerated their original digital transformation plans not only to meet the demands of the present but to ensure continued success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

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