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Human Capital Solutions, Inc. (HCS) is focused on achieving and obtaining the strategic and financial goals your business is seeking. HCS has the People, Methodology, Processes, Technology and Systems to deliver the Results your shareholders or owners demand regarding top key talent and human capital. Our retained executive search consultants are experienced industry veterans connected to industry thought leaders. At HCS, we understand the best qualified and most successful candidates often are not actively seeking new opportunities. We know how to find passive prospects; but more importantly, we know how to effectively engage them to consider and pursue another opportunity.

At HCS we recognize we will not find the most qualified candidate if we only search a narrow slice of the market, so we conduct extensive research to proactively identify and target the largest possible pool of candidates. For most positions, our goal is to capture the entire market of eligible candidates. Through extensive research, a series of interviews and assessments, our consultants will narrow the population to a long list of qualified candidates and then refine it additionally to a short list of the most talented and qualified who fit the culture of your organization.

We are management consultants in the field of executive search, so our approach to retained search is highly consultative. Our consultants will operate with the highest level of integrity, provide feedback, answer questions, make recommendations, share market intelligence / information and provide you and your team with regular updates.

As your retained executive search partner, we will be highly accountable for the progress of your search; we will also assist in motivating and holding your team and the hiring manager accountable as well. Our reputation, your business needs, and your employment brand are all depending on a timely and successful outcome.

We guarantee results, so when you engage HCS for retained executive search; we will rigorously and effectively complete the assignment. Our work will continue until the position is filled or you cancel the assignment. Should the candidate leave within the agreed upon term, s/he will be replaced at no additional fee.

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At Human Capital Solutions, Inc. (HCS) we strive to be the preferred leader in Executive Search to small and large business enterprises around the globe.

There is nothing more valuable to your company than top performing Human Capital.