Database Development

Due to the intricate nature of the modern database, HCS focuses on sourcing candidates with a strong history of relevant database experience and technical prowess. We provide database administrators (DBAs) with proven leadership and subject matter expertise across multiple industries.  Clearly the roles in database development are both tedious and complex so we know our candidates must show a proven track record of continuous database performance, adequate capacity and planning matrices for future expansion requirements. We know that data must be readily available to the right people at the right time; it must also be protected and kept secure from the wrong people at all times.  Therefore, our candidates must also have a passion for security and skills that implement measures to safeguard the data within our client’s database.

Our database developer candidates have strong SQL backgrounds and experience in the programming languages they use to develop and maintain database systems.   Not only do developers need a strong command of the technical language they program, they must also be proficient with communicating with people as well.  Descriptions, manuals, help screens or simply explaining new features in person, along with communication skills with end users are vitally important. Human Capital Solutions seeks to emphasize these attributes regarding the candidates we represent.

Below are several of the disciplines and focus areas our firm represents:

  • Database Administrator
  • SQL Developer
  • Database Developer

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