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Coaching Services

When preparing for your job search, it is important to understand that employers are looking for people who are strong investments, who bring value to the organization. Likewise, you should reach out to companies that are a good investment for you, that bring value to you and your family. Today’s employment market is complicated and impersonal. It is difficult to find the value in a stack of resumes or a list of computer job postings. We believe securing a career coach to assist you in formulating, packaging and executing a strategic and tactical approach to your search is a wise investment in yourself.


Employers are seeking talent who are focused and confident and who can articulate his or her value proposition. Developing your value proposition and maneuvering the employment market is not usually straightforward or intuitive. If you have not been schooled in how this process works, you may waste valuable time and energy missing out on key opportunities.

We at Human Capital Solutions are pleased to offer coaching and Career Advancement Solutions based on a proven methodology:


DIG – Solve for Discipline, Industry and Geography when constructing your strategic career advancement move, articulating DIG priorities, targeting and researching a short list of employers.


SOAR – Determine your brand or offering by examining key Situations, Organizations, Actions and Results, constructing Best In Class resumes, optimizing social media.


SAVE – Succinctly Articulating your Value Proposition with Enthusiasm, using a structured process for networking, preparing for interviews, following up.


There is nothing more valuable to your company than top performing Human Capital.