Evan Rhodes is the Director of Research and Process Excellence at Human Capital Solutions.

Evan Rhodes is the Director of Research and Process Excellence at HCS. Evan is an energetic, highly focused professional with impressive work ethic, and a passion for people, process and technology. He is responsible for conducting extensive research across the healthcare, life sciences, the industrials and technology sectors. Evan is also the internal lean champion tasked with refining the processes and continuously improving the value proposition for the client and the candidate.

He began his career working as an assistant for North Carolina State University in a high tech research lab gaining valuable experience with several pilot manufacturing plants incubated by the university.  Upon graduating from NC State, Evan was recruited by Castle Branch, one of the nation’s top background screening, investigation and compliance tracking solutions companies, providing organizations with industry leading employment screening products and services. Evan was instrumental in opening up the new 40 million dollar campus with world class education technology, employment screening, along with competency and dimensional testing.

Evan graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain Operations and Management.

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