About HCS


Human Capital Solutions, Inc. (HCS) is striving to be the preferred leader in Executive Search, Business and Human Resource Consulting and Executive Coaching to small and large business enterprises around the globe.

Values and Governance

Integrity is the foundation of Human Capital Solution’s reputation. We work hard to keep our commitments and through behavior that is honest, decent, and fair, we have earned the respect of clients and candidates around the world. This behavior is central to our brand, for integrity ensures sustainability. Sustainability ensures that we are always there for our stakeholders.

Customer Focus
We make our customers – clients and candidates — the focus of everything we do. This means simply:

  • Putting the customer’s interests first
  • Returning telephone calls and e-mails promptly
  • Advising the client and candidate from an unselfish perspective
  • Consistently bringing forth our best efforts so that all customers receive real value for their investment in our services.

Continuous Improvement
Our number one priority is to anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers with greater speed, quality, and reliability than our competitors. To that end, our firm is committed to providing our staff with the most robust and advanced tools to enable them to access industry-specific news and candidates, attain memberships in industry organizations for networking and learning, and continuous personal and team dynamic tools for self-evaluation. We are also committed to an ongoing Client Satisfaction Survey Project, which helps us to make adjustments to be even better tomorrow than we are today.

Forward Thinking/Future Oriented
We are focused on establishing a sustainable advantage in global markets. Our strategies target emerging markets, technologies, and where customer needs are heading. We are fast, rigorous, and consistent in instituting positive change.

Community and Environment
We are all – as individuals and as a corporation — active in our communities. We believe in protecting our environment and in making a positive difference in the lives of individuals. We support local philanthropic organizations such as International Rotary, Domestic Violence Shelters, Toastmasters International Club, and The First Tee of Wilmington.

Prosperity at Work

HCS has created the Prosperity at Work proposition, which focuses on creating prosperous relationships between companies and their employees (associates). HCS assists companies in improving bottom line profitability by efficiently planning, organizing and implementing optimized, practical and value-added solutions.

Commitment To Our Candidates

At HCS we understand that achieving a successful, long-lasting career match between a client company and a candidate requires that mutual needs on both sides be satisfied. To accomplish this goal, we actively form partnerships with our candidates to understand their career desires, personal needs, and then to professionally present their skill sets to our client company. This partnership with our candidates is formed through a process that includes:

  • Acknowledging every resume HCS receives
  • Offering timely, honest, constructive feedback and coaching on the candidates’ resumes
  • In-depth interviews with skilled recruiters to understand the candidate’s personal and career needs
  • Marketing the candidate for the open position using a variety of tools which can include:
    • Skills matrix
    • Introduction letter
    • Verbal exchanges of information with the hiring manager and/or HR
  • Client company background and interview preparation
  • Access 24/7 via cell phone and e-mail to HCS personnel as questions arise
  • Coordination of their site visit as required
  • Direct timely and sincere feedback on the outcome of all interviews
  • Marketing of the candidate to other clients and other recruiters

We believe that through our process, we go “above and beyond” to provide the best service to our candidates as well as to our client companies. This results in successful satisfaction for all parties involved.