• Life Sciences

    Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Device Manufacturers, Clinical Research

  • Energy & Power

    Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Minerals & Metals Extraction

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Capital Equipment, Construction & Building Materials, Chemicals and Plastics

  • Technology

    IT Managers, Programmers, Database Developers, Network Administrators

Human Capital Solutions, Inc.

We are a business consulting firm specializing in Executive Search and Professional Recruiting, Professional Contract Staffing, Human Resources Consulting, Leadership Development, Learning and Employee Development, Business Strategy, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems and Executive Coaching. HCS has created the Prosperity at Work proposition which focuses on creating prosperous relationships between companies and their employees (associates). HCS assists companies in improving bottom line profitability by efficiently planning, organizing and implementing optimized, practical and value-added solutions.

Human Capital Solutions Serves Four Major Industries:

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